While plucking and waxing will remove unwanted hair, both techniques are uncomfortable and seem to take forever to do. And, after all that effort, the hair grows right back within a couple of days!

Both Accutane and Retin-A make your skin thinner and more sensitive. Under ordinary circumstances, hair and dead skin cells bind to wax when removed. When the integrity of your skin is compromised, it's your living skin cells that get yanked out along with the hair. Ouch!

If you're looking for a gentle, effective method of hair removal that will keep your skin smooth and hair free for up to 3-4 weeks, you've got to give threading a try.

Eyebrow threading is popular among our male clients as well. To get the perfect masculine look, our professional threading artists diligently shape your eyebrows so that they look clean and masculine.

In addition to eyebrow threading, we also offer hair removal using the same technique for your upper lip, chin, neck, cheeks, forehead and full face.

Upper lip Threading

Sporting a mustache? Forget those chemical bleaching kits. Threading doesn't cover hair up, it removes it in a safe, natural way.


Shave your chin? (Don't worry, we won't tell.) A lot of women do. The problem is it encourages hair to grow in thicker and faster. With threading, you won't have to worry about razor burn and your chin will remain blissfully hair free for weeks!


Stray hairs on your neck are tough to remove. You could shave, but you run the risk of making them grow back thicker and darker. Waxing just becomes too risky at this point. (Imagine trying to get that mess out of your hair?) Threading removes only the hair you don't want, so you can keep the hair you do.


Your cheeks can be prone to sensitivity, especially as you mature. Threading helps remove unwanted hair without causing redness or worsening breakouts.


Hairs on your forehead can make it difficult to have an even, attractive hairline. Plucking takes too much time, waxing can pull out the hair you wanted to keep, and shaving your forehead is just well, weird. Threading helps remove the unwanted hair while giving you a more natural-looking hairline.

Full Face Threading

If you're a woman prone to growing excess facial hair in multiple areas, go for the 'Full Face' option. We will take care of everything at once so you no longer have to spend hours in the mirror hunting down every strand. Our full face threading option only costs $29.99.


Sure, you shave, but then you have to deal with stubble that grows back the next day (not to mention those unsightly razor bumps). If you want smooth, hair-free underarms for the next 4 weeks, threading is the way to go.


One of the best parts about threading is the process weakens hair over time, decreasing further growth!